Sunday, November 15, 2009

NEW ITEMS!!! Pacifier Clips

Rock out with these Rockin pacifier clips!

All my pacifier clips have 1 inch high quality standard clips (also called a mitten or suspender clip)and a pearl snap.

These clips are between 10-11 inches long from the tip of the clip to the fold of fabric while snapped & 12-13 inches long unsnapped.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cold weather is coming... Time to keep baby warm & cozy

Winter is coming! Brrrrr.... Time to wrap baby in a Rockin Mama Baby Blankie! Here are my three favorites from my shop.

Click on the title above to link to the Blanket section of my shop :-)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

I LOVE Halloween! My kids did an awesome job on their pumpkins this year! Braydon (7 yrs old) carved his "Jack the Pumpkin King" pumpkin all on his own & it turned out awesome! Austin designed his own pattern! Great creativity!

All their costumes were handmade. This was a ton of fun! Jaila was Minnie Mouse. I sewed her dress & we bought her ears from Disneyland. Braydon was a skeleton I made his by buying a pair of black sweats & painting the bones on with white fabric paint. Austin was a dead skater so we took an old Skate Tee and painted blood on it.

Our neighborhood is awesome! There are kids everywhere and most of the neighbors really get into the spirit of Halloween by turning the entry ways of their houses into Haunted Houses... the kids had a blast!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All Boys Fishing Trip 2009

Boys will be Boys! Here's my three on an ALL BOYS fishing trip in Northern California. It was an experience of a lifetime I know my hubby and boys will always remember. Glad you guys had so much fun... I missed you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I just bought this & I can't wait to get it!

My birthday is on the Day of the Dead (November 2nd) and while browsing Etsy, which I always do because I'm addicted LOL! I found this awesome necklace by ILLUSTRATED INK as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it!

Check out her Etsy BIO:

I love creating one-of-a-kind pieces that convey the beauty of traditional tattoo design and dark folk art. My pieces are influenced by a mix of old school tattoos, vintage pinups, "Dia de los Muertos", burlesque dancers, and Catholic imagery. I put a lot of love and effort into each of my original works.

I just had to show off my new purchase & give an awesome artist a little exposure :-)


NEW Love Tattoo Booties

Got Ink?

The Traditional tattoo designs on these booties have a vintage style. The background of the fabric is cream and the designs include a heart with Love and a rose with Hope in the banner. The lining of the booties is a deep red.

These have elastic on the back for easy on & off & are lined on the bottom for added warmth & comfort.

SIZE 0-6 Months

Friday, October 9, 2009

FREE SHIPPING on this Rockin Zebra Purse


Are you a party animal? Love animal prints? You have to have this "Rockin" bag!

I lined the bag with hot pink fabric for an absolute contrast & the black velvet bottom is top stitched with hot pink thread for an extra POP!

This bag is perfect for everyday use or for a night out with the girls!!!


Handle: 9 in ratan handle
Bag: 13in by 15in with a 1 inch wide bottom

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween is coming!!!

Halloween is coming!!! I love Halloween it's my favorite holiday :-)

Here at Rockin Mama Baby Gear I have an adorable bunch of Halloween & skully booties that are perfect for Baby's 1st Halloween!

Get your booties today so baby can trick-or-treat in "Rockin" style!

Available in:
0-6 month size (4.5 inches long & 2.5 inches wide in the toe area)
6-12 month size (5 inches long heel to toe & 3 inches wide in the toe area)

Convo me if you don't see your size listed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Select Booties are now avavilable in 6-12 month siize!

Woo Hoo! So I figured out how to make my booties in a 6-12 month size :-) I am working on making as many pairs as possible for those of you with pre-walkers. I add suede cloth on the bottom for added durability and to help keep those tiny toddlers from slipping on hard surfaces. Click on my Etsy shop pics above to check them out.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rockin Mama Baby Gear Giveaway has a Winner!!!

And the winner is....

Kendra Wright

Here's what she said:

It is me who won and I am so excited!! I would love to have the
cherry blossom baby booties!

Congrats Kendra! I will make your booties & ship them to you as soon as possible :-)

Thanks again to A Sweet Sale Blog for hosting the giveaway


Monday, September 28, 2009

A sweet Sale is hosting a giveaway for me!!!

Click the title above to link to her blog!

There are EIGHT ways to enter so you can win a fabulous pair of booties! Come back and leave a comment with each entry. Winner will be randomly chosen on October 1st. Name of winner will be posted on October 1st so be sure to check back to see if you are the winner. If prize is not claimed in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen. Good Luck!

1: Enter name (ex. Jane Smith)

2: Visit Rockin Mamas Etsy Shop and tell us what product you like. (ex. Jane Smith, Regal Skulls nursing cover)

3: Become a Follower of A Sweet Sale. ( Jane Smith, I'm a follower of A Sweet Sale)

4: Become a Follower of Rockin Mama Baby Gear. (Jane Smith, I'm a follower of RMBG)

5. Become a Fan of A Sweet Sale on Facebook. ( Jane Smith, I'm a fan on FB)

6 Become a Fan of Rockin Mama Baby Gear on Facebook. (Jane Smith, Fan of RM on FB)

7: Follow Rockin Mama on Twitter. (Jane Smith, Twitter)

8: Blog about this giveaway with a link to A Sweet Sale and leave a message saying you did!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Handmade Costumes Rock!!!





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This is Braydon's Halloween Costume. He wanted to be a skeleton this year (obviously) SO.... I bought a black pair of sweats that cost me $7.50 and a bottle of white fabric paint for $4.00 so I spent a total of $11.50! Yes I have invested several hours into painting the bones, but it's fun & I know he will love it! A skeleton costume at the store made of thin CHEAP polyester fabric is $30.00!! With this costume because they are made from quality sweats he can wear it over & over as Pj's or to hang out around the campfire in at the dunes!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who needs video games when you have a box?

So these are my wonderful, silly & imaginative boys AJ (short for Austin James) & Braydon.

I giggle just thinking about the crazy stuff they do LOL. So... my mom bought new chairs for the backyard. Before I continue I have to add that it has sort of become a tradition for my kids to make some sort of vehicle out of the box every time my mom gets something new. Also, my boys LOVE LOVE LOVE Army video games. I have to fight sometimes to get them away from those games & outside for some exercise!

So...... the box became a tank, and a large mailing tube for a poster became the barrel of their cannon. They spent hours in the box! They screamed from inside "the enemy approaches FIRE THE CANNON!"

LOL... which makes me think... I WANT A BOX TO PLAY IN TOO! haha

Monday, September 21, 2009

Custom Sew in Tags by Jennifers Jewels on Etsy

I got my very own custom tags for my baby gear! Woo Hoo! I love them! I made two new blankies tonight & sewed on my new tags! You can tell just by touching them they are a good quality, and you just sew them on! Easy as pie. She also has iron on available & tons of designs to choose from.

Click on the post title above to link to her Etsy shop :-)

"Rockin" Love Tattoo Baby - Matching Set

So I've been focusing more on making whole matching sets available for purchase. I have to say this on is my favorite :-) The Traditional tattoo designs on this fabric has an old school style. The background of the fabric is cream and the designs include a heart with Love in the banner, butterflies, sparrows, a rose with Hope in the banner etc...

This set includes:
Diaper Bag $40
Blankie $25
Hooter Hider (Breastfeeding Cover) $22
Burp Cloths $10

If you are interested in purchasing the whole set convo me on Etsy I would love to work out a great deal for you!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This bag needed a live Model... LOL

Ok so every once and awhile I like to go through my items in my shop & make sure their pictures are doing them justice. Well this one definitely needed a live model. My basic white background picture was not showing the true size of this bag so I decided to model it myself (I HATE doing this haha) With the help of my loving hubby (Thanks Babe!) this bag has a great picture so you all can see it's TRUE size :-)

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Custom Bag for Roxanne

This Custom Bag is for my sister's friend Roxanne. I love this fabric! I have a Nursing Cover & burp Cloth Set in my shop made out of this fabric.

Thanks Roxanne!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Custom Orders

So here is one of two custom bags my friend Debbie has asked me to create. We had fun browsing through fabrics online and going to the fabric store to get the rest of the fabric for her lining etc... Great Bag, I'm sure her niece Lacie will love it!

I'm working on the second bag & will post pics as soon as it's done.

You don't have to have a baby to order one of my bags :-)

Here's feedback from a recent sale of one of my bags:

9/10/09 I love this! I actually got it for myself it holds my netbook perfectly and the wide straps make the heavy netbook not so hard to carry in the purse. Large pockets for all my pens, notepads, wallet, sunglasses, phone and keys. PERFECT! no one would ever guess it was a diaper bag. :) Thanks for a superior handmade product!

Thanks for looking, night all!