Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

I LOVE Halloween! My kids did an awesome job on their pumpkins this year! Braydon (7 yrs old) carved his "Jack the Pumpkin King" pumpkin all on his own & it turned out awesome! Austin designed his own pattern! Great creativity!

All their costumes were handmade. This was a ton of fun! Jaila was Minnie Mouse. I sewed her dress & we bought her ears from Disneyland. Braydon was a skeleton I made his by buying a pair of black sweats & painting the bones on with white fabric paint. Austin was a dead skater so we took an old Skate Tee and painted blood on it.

Our neighborhood is awesome! There are kids everywhere and most of the neighbors really get into the spirit of Halloween by turning the entry ways of their houses into Haunted Houses... the kids had a blast!

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