Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who needs video games when you have a box?

So these are my wonderful, silly & imaginative boys AJ (short for Austin James) & Braydon.

I giggle just thinking about the crazy stuff they do LOL. So... my mom bought new chairs for the backyard. Before I continue I have to add that it has sort of become a tradition for my kids to make some sort of vehicle out of the box every time my mom gets something new. Also, my boys LOVE LOVE LOVE Army video games. I have to fight sometimes to get them away from those games & outside for some exercise!

So...... the box became a tank, and a large mailing tube for a poster became the barrel of their cannon. They spent hours in the box! They screamed from inside "the enemy approaches FIRE THE CANNON!"

LOL... which makes me think... I WANT A BOX TO PLAY IN TOO! haha


Anonymous said...

that's awesome, something I think is being lost in the television and video game era
I love seeing the creativity

I could play with a box for hours too, or just figure out a way to make it into something useful

totally awesome, love the tank!

Mike and Linda said...

What cute kids. Don't cross your eyes they'll stick that way....ha ha that was what my mamma always said. A box can be so many fun things..ship/submarine airplane etc etc. Wow fun...

Krissy said...

My kids are the same way! Whenever a box comes in the house that they can play with, toys take second priority., LOL