Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Dresses & Booties

So I've had this fabric laying around for quite some time & all of it consists of pieces too small to make anything useful. But this weekend I got a creative spark & had the advantage because these fabrics are non directional. So I had a pattern for straight A-Line dresses but it was too big for the peices of fabrics I had. So I changed the pattern myself & pieced it together to make a cute waistline with a slight gather which created a babydoll style. I even had enough to make matching booties.

My adorable niece Audrina is very photogenic (because she's gorgeous!!) & I knew they would look awesome on her (as everything does haha) so she was my little super model today & she just soaked up all the attention.

Check these out on my website by clicking on the Etsy window on the left :-)

Keep checking back as I have more fabric & will be making more designs!!!!

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Almay Alday said...

Too bad the baby doesn't come with the outfit! She's sooooo cute!!