Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cherry Baby Sling

What an awesome invention! The pouch sling has got to be the easiest baby carrier to use!
It holds newborn to toddlers up to 35 pounds!
It evenly distributes baby's weight so it's easier on Mom's back.
You can nurse privately & in comfort since baby's weight is supported.
You can throw it in the washing machine.
It's small enough to fold up & fit into a diaper bag.
There are no clips or straps to hassle with & can be worn in 5 different positions.
It lets baby snuggle close while letting mom have full use of her hands
... and the list could go on & on!

Check this awesome sling out on my website & I have other Cherry Fabric Baby Items to match!

Contact me if you want a pouch sling in a different fabric & I would be happy to help you design your own!


Kate8085 said...

One of my girlfriends has a sling, and she just adores it!
It makes her life SO much easier.
Every mom should have one of these,
and with yours, they are super cool at the same time!!
(Did that just sound like a commercial? haha)

RockinMamaBG said...

haha! ya you could be a perfect spokes person for a "Rockin Mama" commercial

Light Harmony Gratitude said...

SO cute!

- Whitney (buddhanature)
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1Aeon said...


Christie Cottage said...

I think they are cool! You can actually do a few things while holding your baby! featuring a giveaway each week. Please stop by and enter!